As the previous day visiting Alcatraz and exploring SF had been so full-on, I understandably woke up on the Wednesday morning feeling rather poorly. Not one to be defeated on my dream holiday, I rested up for the entire morning and then got myself up and ready to head out for some lunch. Thankfully I was feeling a little better by this point so we took a short walk down the Castro.


I am always one for observing and taking in what is going on around me and I was completely fascinated by all the sights of the vibrant Castro. The building above, now The Human Rights Campaign Action Center & Store, used to be Harvey Milk’s camera store ‘Castro Camera’. As I stood opposite this building and took in what seemed to be such an open and accepting community, I couldn’t help but think of the legacy of Harvey Milk. I loved the Castro and one of the highlights for me was the iconic Castro Theatre. I had to get creative with photographing the building to try and avoid including the road works, so admittedly it’s not the best photo in the world.


We grabbed some lunch at Cafe Flore and I loved the way they served the water in cute little jars here. Thankfully I felt much better after eating my delicious veggie burger. Afterwards we took a slow wander down to Dolores Park. Here we sat, relaxed, soaked up the sunshine and had a very chilled out afternoon. We then returned back to the apartment via Hot Cookies where we picked up delicious treats and giggled at the phallic shaped macaroons (yes we are that mature).


In the evening, we found our way to the metro and headed for AT&T stadium to watch the SF Giants take on the Rockies. It was a brilliant atmosphere and the garlic fries were great but I can’t say I came away as a baseball fan.


The next day, we headed north out of the city to see another kind of giant- the redwood trees in Muir Woods. After paying the $7.00 entrance fee we were free to explore and wander through trails of towering redwood trees. There were various trails that you could take that suited all levels of fitness and abilities, from easy-going, flat tarmac paths to hikes that took you way up into the hills and had the potential to go on for miles. If you stayed on the lower trail there were rangers and volunteers that provided short talks. The tallest redwood in Muir Woods is 258ft and, though that may mean they are not the tallest trees in the world, the redwoods there were impressive none-the-less. What I found particularly amazing was the age of the trees, with the average age of these coastal redwoods being between 600-800 years and the oldest being at least 1200 years old. Talk about impressive!


I did get a bit carried away with how far I walked as I was enjoying myself. I was actually pleasantly surprised by how much I managed to do! After grabbing some lunch we decided to continue along Highway 1 towards Stinson beach, which was a beautiful scenic drive.


I had it in my head that we would spend the rest of the afternoon chilling on the beach but the fatigue was starting to hit and I was admittedly beginning to struggle so we didn’t actually stay too long in the end. It was a lovely, peaceful beach and I enjoyed watching the huge crashing waves.


We were leaving San Francisco the next morning and I was feeling disappointed that I hadn’t managed to get a decent photograph of the cable cars. We therefore made a brief stop on our way back to the apartment so that I could take the shot below:


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