Fibromyalgia is enough to get anyone down from time to time. Sometimes these feelings can be caused by a big flare-up, other times it’s just a result of the constant drain of living with fatigue and pain; sometimes you become sick and tired of being sick and tired. Even though I try to live as positively as I can, occasionally life gets me down. I’m only human after all. Here is a list of 50 things that help to cheer me up. I have genuinely done number 45. It makes me feel like my brain still works despite the fibro fog! I hope some of these help you too.

01. Listen to music and sing loudly (and badly) at the top of your lungs
02. Dance in your bed
03. Curl up on the sofa with a duvet and watch your favourite films
04. Get lost in a good book
05. Go for a candle lit bath and afterwards put on a pair of super comfy pyjamas
06. Text your friends and chat about all the ridiculous things you used to do when you were younger
07. Have a pyjama party with your friends
08. Doodle, draw or find some adult colouring-in books
09. Write in a journal or start a blog (it’s cathartic, I promise)
10. Do something kind for someone else
11. Daydream. Let your mind drift off to somewhere else, your imagination is the limit
12. Meditate
13. Experiment with photography, it’s a wonderful skill to learn
14. Get crafty: sew, crochet, paper crafts… take to Pinterest for some inspirtation
15. Eat well, drink plenty of water and look after yourself
16. Allow yourself to have a break. Sometimes you need it
17. Get nostalgic. Look at old photos, find things you used to love as a kid on the internet
18. Have a cry. Sometimes you have to let it out before you can pick yourself up again
19. Plan a holiday or staycation: sometimes you simply need to escape routine
20. Buy yourself something new. We all need a treat now and again
21. Or join the Glitterati– you will get happiness through your door every month, promise!
22. Give yourself a manicure
23. Write a letter to yourself as a reminder that everything will be okay. Keep it and read it anytime you feel down
24. Create a new playlist on Spotify
25. Watch some silly Youtube videos
26. Dye your hair a new colour!
27. Challenge yourself to learn a new language
28. Have cuddles with your favourite person/cat/dog
29. Get outside and sit in the fresh air and sunshine
30. Buy flowers for your home
31. Create an inspiration board on Pinterest
32. Obsessively watch a TV boxset
33. Write a gratitude list
34. Make a photo wall for a room in your home. Fill it with great memories
35. Dive into your favourite blogs’ archives and read posts you might not have seen
36. Delete blogs from your reader list that you tend to skip over (you won’t miss them)
37. Stay off social media for a few days
38. Try yoga
39. Watch some inspiring TED talks
40. Have a heart-to-heart with your mum
41. Get dressed up even if you have nowhere to go (even if it is just your best pyjamas)
42. Get someone to help you de-clutter your home
43. Play video games or board games
44. Cut ties with people who bring you down
45. Learn the words to Alphabet Aerobics or an equally challenging rap
46. Fill your home with beautiful scents from essential oils or scented candles
47. Connect with other people with chronic illness over the internet
48. Create a fort in your bed with lots of pillows and hide from the world
49. Sit and think about what you want to change and how you can set goals to achieve that
50. Ask for help if you need it

What helps to cheer you up?


Hello, I'm Donna. I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in 2013 and started this blog shortly after. After my health declined significantly the following year, I decided to become my own advocate and searched for answers. It took two years but, in 2016, I finally discovered I had Lyme Disease. On February Stars, I share my personal journey back to better health; discussing what has helped me and the mistakes I've made along the way. I also cover topics on self-improvement, managing symptoms and living life to the fullest with chronic illness.


  1. Kylie Minogue DVDs, Tom Hiddleston’s laugh, and cartoons (on REALLY bad days it’s Scooby Doo). Hey, it works for me.

      • Yes, I think it is really important to allow yourself to express the emotions you feel. If you find your url keeps posting wrongly, it could be worth checking your gravatar account 🙂

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