Outside Inveraray Castle

On a dull and dreary day during my recent trip to the west coast of Scotland, I visited Inveraray Castle. As the name suggests, Inveraray Castle is located in the town of Inveraray on the shore of Loch Fyne. If there are any Downton Abbey fans reading this, you might recognise this as the fictional Duneagle Castle from the 2012 Christmas special.

It is an impressive looking mansion that is home to the Duke of Argyll. Once you have paid your entrance fee you are free to explore both inside and outside of the castle. There were many impressive rooms within the castle, such as the extravagant dining hall. My personal favourite though was the armoury hall. An array of weapons literally lined the walls. The armoury hall has a ceiling that is huge– 21 metres in height– and is the tallest ceiling in Scotland apparantly. Arranged in displays were pole-arms, axes, swords and muskets. Can you imagine living in times where these were actually used?!

Harp inside one of the rooms in Inveraray Castle

Chandelier inside Inveraray Castle

Inveraray Castle armour

Close up of armour inside Inveraray Castle

Royal clothing on display at Inveraray Castle
The gardens cover 16 acres, two acres of which are formal lawns and flower beds– the rest being park and woodland. Be sure to stay away from the stone that is said to be cursed if you ever visit! I think you’ll agree that we aren’t needing any bad luck!!

View from the gardens of Inveraray Castle

Landscaped gardens at Inveraray Castle

Path leading up to Inveraray Castle

It was an enjoyable trip and though we only stayed for around an hour or so, we managed to see all of the castle. Although there is free access to wheelchair users, the castle itself has very limited disabled access. To explore all of the castle you need to able to manage stairs, which is a shame.

After our visit, we had a pub lunch and then I had a much needed nap before spending most of the rest of the evening chilling in the hot tub at our lodge. I so need a hot tub in my life!!!


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  1. Wonderful pictures of a wonderful trip! The only place similar around here (North Carolina) is Biltmore House — beautiful but not nearly the history of course. I am always in awe of the amount of history in GB.

    • Thank you Jen. Biltmore house sounds like an interesting place to visit. I’d love to make it to North Carolina one day 🙂 I’m very lucky that there is a lot of historic places here.

    • Thank you Crys, that’s so kind of you to say. It was a beautiful place 🙂

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