September arrived on Tuesday and it definitely brought with it a change of weather. Pretty much overnight it turned chillier, wetter and just that bit more autumnal. Even the leaves are beginning to turn. Summer is officially over… not that we really even had a summer this year it has to be said! I love autumn– it’s my favourite time of year usually– but the changing of the seasons has made me feel a little bit sad this year. Sometimes the passing of time is tough to take when you are chronically ill. The world is moving on whereas you feel stuck where you are. Thankfully, though, the 1st of the month meant it was time for another Crown & Glory Glitterati box to be shipped! Just the thing to cheer me up.

This month’s theme was ‘Last of the Summer Wine’ and it arrived on my door step yesterday afternoon. This box is wonderful and a definite favourite. There was also a special gold envelope for me inside, the contents of which I’ll reveal in a minute! First, let’s take a look at what was included in September’s Glitterati box:


There were four pieces included in this month’s box and I was super happy that there were two amazing floral headpieces. A massive perk of the Glitterati is that there are often exclusive items included in the box and this is exactly what this ‘autumn berry crown’ is. Times like these make me so happy to be a part of the Glitterati because it’s a beaut! It is a delicate crown with cute flower buds and three purple flowers that sit off-centre– finished with a lilac ribbon. Floral crowns are my favourite and I absolutely adore this! I also got my first ‘lotta Rosie’ headband in this beautiful burgundy colour. It says on the website that the ‘lotta Rosie’ suits everyone but I hadn’t bought one as I wasn’t sure if it would suit me or look too big on my head– I’ve always opted to get the ‘not a lotta Rosie’ for myself, which is the smaller size. However, I am sold! It most definitely suits me and I love, love, love it! It’s so cute and it matches my hair perfectly. If it wasn’t for the fact that my hair is a complete mess, I’d take the photo to prove it. I’ll be sure to share a pic on Instagram in the near future to show you what I mean, so be sure to follow me if you want to see.
Also included in the box were these cute little ‘golden leaf bobby pins’, which will pair up great with the bee bobby pins from May’s box. I’ve said before that I love Crown & Glory’s bobby pins as they are so secure. These will definitely get a lot of wear. The butterfly clips are so pretty and they really are beautiful. However, I have a confession. The bodies of butterflies and moths seriously creep me out. I am such a woose. Butterflies I can generally handle because they are beautiful and mind their own business. But if a moth is in the room I will literally freak out! Those feckers dive bomb you and give me the absolute heebie jeebies!! I have no idea where this stupid phobia comes from but I just can’t deal. So to look at, these are lovely hair clips. But I’ve yet to discover if I can actually wear them without being an idiot and feeling all creeped out. I am definitely determined to try though.
With this month’s box we also got another head piece amnesty. You can send back 5 pieces of Crown & Glory in exchange for a £20 voucher. Basically if you have collected any pieces that you don’t wear too often or no longer want, you can return them and then use your voucher to buy something you are more likely to wear. I’m not sure if I have 5 head pieces I want to give up but I’ll have a raid through my stash to see if there are any as I have my eye on the meadow crown and this would be a good way to get it.
Finally in this month’s box there was a special golden envelope. I may have only been blogging about the Glitterati since February but I have been a member for an entire year now. Wow. Time flies. I remember getting my first box. It was there waiting for me when I arrived home from my trip to California and it helped to cheer me up from my post-holiday blues.

Inside this cool envelope– which kind of made me feel like I had won a golden ticket– was a super cute pin and pocket mirror. Now as if that wasn’t cool enough, I now also have my very own 20% off discount code for life as a goldcard member. How amazing is that?!! So even if I don’t have 5 pieces to return as part of the amnesty that beautiful meadow crown will still be mine. So happy! What awesome company Crown & Glory is and a massive thank you to them. Time to count down until the next box!

What do you think of Septembers’ Glitterati box?


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    • It’s such a beautiful season. They are so cute aren’t they? I love how secure the C&G bobby pins are too 🙂

    • Thank you Ali, I loved your unboxing post too. It’s always fun to see what others think of the boxes 🙂 x

  1. HI! Wow, that’s lovely that they’ve rewarded you for your loyalty by giving you the discount code and the pin!!! I did Glitterati for about 5-6 months but then I discovered I wasn’t really wearing them so much!
    This box is wonderful- esp the headcrowns!

    • They are a brilliant company 🙂 My collection is getting a bit out of hand lol 🙂

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