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Because of CBD oil’s host of healing properties, such as a reduction in inflammation, pain relief, stress and anxiety relief, the plant compound is taking autoimmune sufferers by storm. Unlike THC, the compound best known in marijuana, CBD, is non-psychoactive. This allows you to use it anywhere without experiencing any high.

Currently, everyone and their mother has seemingly jumped on the bandwagon to sell CBD rich hemp oil. And yet not all products are created equally. There are definitely certain criteria to look out for, especially if you have a compromised immune system.

Choosing a CBD oil to use

In broad strokes, cannabis is a bio-remedial plant, meaning that industrialised hemp is effective at removing a wide range of contaminants such as heavy metals. Because of this, the plant, for instance, was used to help heal the soil near the Chernobyl site. Therefore, you want to be extremely careful and choose a high-quality CBD oil sourced from organic fields or else who knows what toxic slush you are ingesting. Just sayin’.

Autoimmune sufferers suffer from a compromised liver and already deal with some sort of toxic load. You want to lower your exposure at all costs and, as far as I am concerned, gentle detoxing should be a part of your healing.

Secondly, you want to make sure the CBD you use was extracted with non-toxic methods. If you are taking CBD as part of a recovery program, it doesn’t make sense if the manufacturer is using a chemical solvent called hexane to acquire the medicine.

Maximising CBD oil’s benefits

And while you are at it, pay attention to the formulation. Have they put attention into maximising the plant’s medicinal effects? With that said, every person is different and reacts differently to CBD. Start slowly and learn to listen to your body. Also, during one-on-one consults, I find myself telling people there’s no point taking CBD if they’re chomping on let’s say fried chicken.

Those who use CBD oil as part of a holistic treatment plan see the most benefits, and that very much includes what you eat! In conjunction with proper nutrients and an anti-inflammatory diet, CBD oil has been shown to help get your body in balance because of the way it communicates with our own human endocannabinoid system (ECS) — endo meaning “within”.

HoneyColony Superior Legal CBD Oil
Our ECS plays a direct role in homoeostasis, which means it regulates every metabolic process in the body to keep things running as they should such as memory, mood, brain reward systems, and energy balance. This, in turn, helps you combat depression, anxiety, and inflammation and creates feelings of well-being.

Basically, this healing plant compound communicates with your body to give you what you need. Oftentimes people report feeling its effects only after they run out. I can attest.

CBD And Sleep

I’ve struggled with sleep off and on for about a decade. Insomnia hit hard about a year after a Ford Explorer slammed into me as a pedestrian at 30 miles an hour, dragging me 49 feet across cement. While the sleeplessness has improved over the years, my sleep was far from solid.

So when I took four MediQi capsules and a dropper full of oil and noticed that I was sleepy an hour later, I was thrilled!! I slept deeper that night than I had in a long time. The benefits have been subtle but cumulative. It’s been miraculous. I ran out recently and could most definitely feel the difference without my daily dose.

When I reported on the improvements in my slumber to MediQi founder Cherie Arnold, she attributed it to the formulation, which provides the body with necessary amino acids and plant-based proteins, allowing you to better assimilate nutrients directly to the cell. Arnold actually used CBD to help shrink a 14-pound tumour!!

MediQi also uses a blend of “good structural fats” such as hemp seed oils, moringa oil, pumpkin seed oil, and other nutritionally rich plant-based oils to complement its high-grade hemp oil. These essential fatty acids are anti-inflammatory and penetrate the cells through a natural bioavailable system found in lipid structures. This strengthens our bones and muscles to provide efficient management of adipose tissue, detoxification, and overall stability. These oils fuel all our body’s systems to work more efficiently.

When it comes to chronic diseases, CBD oil brings relief to sufferers who do not want to turn to pharmaceutical drugs. My sleep has vastly improved and I do feel more centred and calm. CBD has been a great addition, along with the mélange of things I’ve done to reverse my autoimmune condition!

Legality & Safety

In terms of legality, CBD oil derived from hemp is 100 percent legal in the United States because it is classified as a dietary food supplement. However, that does not stop government regulators from finding ways to limit sales. Since marijuana/hemp isn’t regulated by Big Business, government agencies prohibit any medical claims involving treatment, curing, or healing — regardless of the countless studies and firsthand stories.

A 2011 review published in Current Drug Safety states that CBD has no effect on psychomotor and psychological functions. Even at high doses, CBD will not alter your motor skills or state of mind.

Products to try

If you would like to try a high-quality CBD oil, Honey Colony sell two products through their store Simply Transformative. The MediQi CBD starter kit (as mentioned in this post by Maryam) is a daily program that combines an oil and capsule to take. They also have their Superior Cannabinoid Rich Hemp Oil is an oil that contains additional herbal benefits.

Have you tried CBD oil or would you like to? Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. Is there such a thing as a sample to test before laying out a lot of money just to see it this oil does what it claims?

    • Hi, Kai. Unfortunately, I cannot answer this question and it’s one you would need to ask the company. As this is a guest post, I haven’t personally tried this product so I can’t tell you more about it. If you are looking to try CBD oil products, I’d recommend reading my tips for buying CBD oil.

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