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The Infusio, Frankfurt clinic where I had treatment for Lyme Disease
The Infusio, Frankfurt clinic (photos in this post were taken with my iPhone).

Disclaimer: I went through the Integrative Lyme Disease treatment program at Infusio, Frankfurt from the 23rd October to the 3rd of November 2017. During this time, I kept a journal of my experience and I am now sharing this with you here. Please keep in mind that this is my personal experience. The treatments and therapies I had were based on what was best for me as an individual. Therefore, if you have been to Infusio, Frankfurt or are planning to go, your experience may differ from mine. 

Monday 23rd October- Day 1 of treatment

Ross and I were picked up at 9.10am and driven to the clinic by Infusio’s driver Bogdan. I’d highly recommend this service to anyone going to Infusio, Frankfurt. It makes getting to and from the clinic super easy and stress-free. Plus, Bogdan is great; all the patients loved him. He made us laugh and brightened our day.

First Impressions of the Infusio Frankfurt Clinic

It was only a short drive from where we were staying (the Couva apartments) to Infusio. On arriving at the clinic, I was greeted by staff and shown around the clinic. The clinic itself is amazing. It honestly feels more like a spa than a medical clinic. It’s bright, clean and mostly open-plan.

The clinic had an informal feeling to it and I personally liked this. I can feel very anxious when going to hospitals and medical practices (and when speaking to doctors) but Infusio felt different. I was immediately put at ease the second I stepped in the door. The clinic had a relaxing atmosphere and all of the staff were wonderful.

Beginning Treatment

The IV treatment area at Infusio, Frankfurt

After my tour of the clinic, I met the other patients and was then taken to the IV treatment area. Here, comfortable chaise lounges face out towards the floor-to-ceiling windows, offering a great view across the river.

Dr Bijan talked to us about what to expect during treatment and when healing afterwards. Then it was time to get started.

First, I had some blood taken to be tested in the lab. Then I began my IVs for the day:

  • Dioxychlor: a natural antibiotic that supplies oxygen to the cells. This may help to eliminate toxins, bacteria, parasites, viruses and yeast.
  • Glutathione: a powerful antioxidant that neutralises free radicals. Glutathione also helps to recycle co-enzyme Q10, which is an enzyme used in the production of energy.
  • Neuro-amino mix: a mix of amino acids that help to support detoxification and repair the nervous system.
  • Artesunate: derived from the artemisinin plant, artesunate is effective against intracellular organisms, such as Borrelia and Babesia. Simply put, it splits iron and oxygen and the oxygen is then available to kill organisms.

My Consultation with Dr Bijan

One of the things I loved most about Infusio was that there were no barriers between patients and medical staff. Dr Bijan and the medical assistants checked in with us every day and were always available to chat to. For the most part, our “consults” with Dr Bijan were informal chats each day; telling him how we were doing and any issues that had cropped up.

On the first day of treatment, though, I did have a private consultation with Dr Bijan. I want to say that Dr Bijan is approachable, compassionate and it’s clear that he genuinely cares for each of his patients. As I mentioned before, I normally get very anxious around doctors. A lot of this stems from dealing with doctors in the past and feeling helpless after consultations with them.

I knew Dr Bijan was different within seconds of speaking to him.

Dr Bijan Understands Lyme Patients

Put simply, Dr Bijan gets it (as do all members of staff at Infusio). We discussed my main symptoms and we also went over some results that had come back from my blood tests. I was immediately impressed. Dr Bijan was offering solutions rather than suggesting an array of further tests to prove my problems (this was something that had frustrated me about Breakspear).

One of the first things that Dr Bijan said to me and the other patients at Infusio was that if we told him we were suffering from a symptom, he believed us. It was refreshing to hear. He understood that too often we had been told that test results were “normal” when we were suffering.

Dr Bijan explained that test results were a helpful tool but that they can’t be solely relied upon. How the patient is feeling and the symptoms they are experiencing are important to consider too. He was going to help us.

My Problem areas

During my consult, Dr Bijan simply listened to what I had to say and he understood. He connected the dots between my symptoms and put a plan in place for me. Two areas that were a big problem for me were leaky gut and chronic fatigue (which often go hand-in-hand).

Linked to chronic fatigue, my red blood cell count was also low and this was something that needed to be addressed; I was anaemic. And, this wasn’t a problem that had just occurred. Dr Bijan explained that this was a long-standing problem. Frustrating when I had previously had umpteen blood tests!

Additional treatments

Laser therapy at Infusio, Frankfurt. It helps to stimulate the mobilisation of stem cells and promotes healing.

In addition to the IV treatments, on my first day, I also had laser therapy. This was a hand-held device that applied low-level laser and infrared frequencies to specific areas. This helps to stimulate the mobilisation of the body’s stem cells. It may also help to reduce oxidative stress and support healing.

Thymus Therapy

I finished my day with a thymus injection in my hip. Thymus therapy is important for immune modulation (activating and balancing the immune system). The aim of thymus therapy is to establish a healthy ratio of immune cells. It is different from simply boosting immune function (which increases the number of immune cells).

You can read more about thymus therapy on Infusio’s website here.

How I Felt Following my First Day of Treatment

I was in the clinic until early afternoon on the first day. When I returned to our apartment, I crashed.  I think this could only be expected on the first day. I had travelled the day before, hadn’t slept too well and was anxious about beginning treatment. Add all the treatments on top of that and it’s no surprise I was utterly exhausted.

In addition to the fatigue, I felt mildly nauseous, had a headache and my hip was painful from the thymus shot. I also had a dull ache in my neck, shoulders and chest.

I surrendered to how I was feeling and slept for most of the afternoon. By around 9 pm, my pain had eased (I had used my heat pad and Oska Pulse to help with pain relief). I also felt like a lot of inflammation had gone down in my body.

It was incredible and something that’s difficult to put into words; it’s like I had deflated! Swelling around my neck and under my armpit went down completely. My stomach also appeared much flatter.

I Knew I was in the Right Place

I felt really emotional during my first day of treatment. A big part of this was how much of a relief it was to finally be at Infusio. This was something that we had been planning for and working towards for such a long time. It was overwhelming to finally be there and to be getting the help I needed.

I always say that your intuition is one of the best voices you can listen to. Mine was strongly telling me that I was in the right place. This was where I needed to be and I was excited about the days and months ahead.

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