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Disclaimer: I went through the Integrative Lyme Disease treatment program at Infusio, Frankfurt from the 23rd October to the 3rd of November 2017. During this time, I kept a journal of my experience and I am now sharing this with you here. Please keep in mind that this is my personal experience. The treatments and therapies I had were based on what was best for me as an individual. Therefore, if you have been to Infusio, Frankfurt or are planning to go, your experience may differ from mine. 

Wednesday 25th October- Day 3 of Treatment

Day 3 of treatment at Infusio was definitely one of the most challenging for me. The night before, I felt like I was burning up and through the night I had horrible night sweats. When I woke up, I felt truly awful.

I was nauseous and exhausted. It was that horrible flu-like fatigue so I felt really ill. I was also emotional and spent the morning crying. Not so good… especially considering it was my birthday!

My birthday gifts-- birthday candles to go in a tin and love to go (a little heart in a wooden box)

Day 3 Was Also My Birthday

Ross was so lovely and cheered me up with a card, a little ‘birthday candles on the go’ tin and a small gift (a little heart in a wooden box). I also have the best pals who sent me the most ridiculous and hilarious video of themselves. I went from sad crying to crying with laughter at them!

I was the last patient to arrive at Infusio that morning and when I arrived, everyone started singing happy birthday to me. It was so nice and thoughtful. I got a hug from Dr Bijan and then told him about how I was feeling.

Dr Bijan is very observant and he noticed that I was a little short of breath. I explained to him that when I feel really fatigued I struggle with everything, even talking. As much as it was horrible to be feeling so ill, in a way, I guess it was good for Dr Bijan to see what I’m like on a bad day.

Dr Bijan Explained Today’s Treatments

Before we began treatments for the day, Dr Bijan chatted with us about what IVs we were having and what to expect. It was all about detox support today. One IV would help with heavy metal detox and another was for liver support.

Dr Bijan explained that some patients can find detox difficult, both physically and emotionally. It is normal to feel emotional after these IVs and some people even express anger following these treatments.

Dr Bijan Takes the Time To Explain to Friends/Family too

The good thing about Dr Bijan is that he doesn’t just explain things to the patients. He also takes the time to explain everything to the people who were there with us. This was helpful as it meant that they knew what to expect too and how to best support us.

The staff at Infusio look after you so well and today they brought me a blanket to get cosied up with. I needed to basically sleep and rest all morning.

My Day Started With Detox IVs

I’m not entirely sure of the names of detox IVs I had at the start of the morning. Some might find it odd that I don’t know this. If I’m being totally honest, I was feeling so ill I didn’t care!

On that morning, I needed to let go of control and trust in the process. It’s not essential to know the ins and outs of everything— that’s Dr Bijan and the Infusio medical staff’s job. My job is to focus on healing and getting better.

I knew what the IVs were for and that was enough for me. All I wanted to do was sleep and feel better and I knew that’s what the staff at Infusio were helping me to do. As a side note, I was aware when I had the IV for my liver support as I experienced some discomfort in that area during it.

Additional Treatments

In the morning, I was also given an injection in my stomach. This was a hormone that is used to treat anaemia and helps to stimulate the production of red blood cells (my blood tests on day 1 showed a low RBC count).

By this point, I had woken up a bit and was more able to take in what was going on around me. My third IV of the day was choline. This is used to help with brain fog and concentration problems. However, we were told by Dr Bijan not to purchase choline supplements once we were back home as the supplements are completely different to what Infusio administer.

I also had a treatment via the global diagnostics machine today. Not only does the machine scan your body and find out what is wrong, it also delivers treatment programs too.

Following this, I had my thymus shot and then I went on the laser bed for 8 minutes. It’s cold laser therapy but I sweated loads in it today! Hopefully, this was a sign my body was detoxing.

My third day of Lyme Disease treatment at Infusio, Frankfurt. Infusio serve delicious soups each day but-- on this day-- I had little appetite.

My Appetite Was Poor Today

I continued to feel nauseous through the day and I had a poor appetite. Infusio offers fresh soups each day but I struggled to eat much of it today. Ross took the above photo, which I shared on Instagram. And, though I’m smiling, anyone who knows me will know that I’m not okay in this photo.

How I Felt Following The Day’s Treatments

After my treatments, Bogdan (Infusio’s driver) took Ross and me back to our apartment. I had a long soak in the bath and then went straight to bed. I was feeling more content and less emotional (though I’m sure I cried at Ross when he brought me tea and a doughnut for a birthday treat haha!).

I was definitely feeling better following my treatments today though. I still felt ill but nowhere near as bad as in the morning. Today was the first day I questioned myself though.

Treatment Can Be Challenging

Treatment is intense at times and difficult. I questioned what I was doing and if I was cut out for it. I think it’s easy for your mind to go there on the challenging days. However, I quickly quietened those thoughts and reminded myself that I trust in Infusio and fully believe in the treatments.

Tomorrow would be a new day.

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  1. You are definitely brave. I would be too scared to get a shot in my stomach.

    Also, a belated happy birthday!

    • Thank you, Crys. I really don’t like injections but I’m kind of over that now following Infusio haha. It actually wasn’t that bad, I had a nice wee roll of fat to inject into lol!

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