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Disclaimer: I went through the Integrative Lyme Disease treatment program at Infusio, Frankfurt from the 23rd October to the 3rd of November 2017. During this time, I kept a journal of my experience and I am now sharing this with you here. Please keep in mind that this is my personal experience. The treatments and therapies I had were based on what was best for me as an individual. Therefore, if you have been to Infusio, Frankfurt or are planning to go, your experience may differ from mine. 

Thursday 2nd November 2017

My morning began with Angela changing the bandage on my incision site (that was placed on my back following my stem cell procedure). I was so glad that I no longer needed the larger bandage anymore; as it was sweaty and uncomfortable.  I’d just need the smaller one now (that basically covered and protected the incisions).

I was then given my daily thymus shot and I was actually a little worried about this. My flanks were tender from the procedure yesterday, so I was concerned that the injection would be painful. Thankfully, I was proven wrong and I tolerated it fine.

The pain from my procedure wasn’t as bad as I had anticipated. Don’t get me wrong,  it hurt, but I found it very manageable. Compared to years of living with chronic pain, this was a breeze.

I think I handled it well because I knew it was temporary and would pass. There is such a big difference between chronic pain and acute pain. I definitely deal with the latter better than the former.

I was given treatment for my skin

As Angela was changing my bandage, she noticed that I had an angry patch of red skin on my side. To be completely honest, this was probably my own doing as I was so itchy yesterday (I had a histamine reaction a few hours after my stem cells). I must have been scratching.

Angela used to work in a skin clinic and she didn’t like how it looked and wanted to treat it. She applied some hydrocortisone cream to the area and put a bandage over it to protect it. This was to calm the redness and reduce the itchiness.

Receiving an IV as part of my Lyme Disease treatment in Germany.

My Veins Were Starting To Give Up

I was getting to the point where I was glad that I was coming to the end of my two weeks of treatment at Infusio. My veins are definitely not cut out for regular IVs. By this point, it was becoming a bit of a challenge to find a suitable vein.

At first, I had the needle inserted into a vein deep in my left arm (all the others were looking bad). This took some work to find and, boy, was it painful! My stem cell buddy sitting next to me started chatting away to take my mind off it and I was so glad once the needle was finally in. Unfortunately, though, once the IV started my arm felt like it was on fire.

I honestly wanted to scream and rip that needle out my arm so fast but I remained calm and told the medical assistant what was happening. I genuinely felt a bit bad too. She had worked so hard to find a vein but it just didn’t work in the end.

It was then the turn of my other arm. Thankfully, a vein was found and this time it worked and wasn’t painful. I tell you what, it’s some skill finding a vein when there aren’t many left to work with!

The IV Treatments

Today I had the following IVs:

  • Iron: to help treat my anaemia.
  • Choline: helps to improve concentration and reduce brain fog. This IV can make you feel emotional (it’s not surprising to cry shortly after) but I felt really calm and relaxed.
  • Glutathione: a powerful antioxidant that neutralises free radicals. Glutathione also helps to recycle co-enzyme Q10, which is an enzyme used in the production of energy.
  • Zinc: Zinc is important for a healthy immune system.

I also had a folic acid shot in my stomach and blood was taken to be tested. The treatments today were ‘feel good’ treatments. Now that I have my stem cells Infusio has to be careful about the IVs they give. There would be no more detox or bug-killing IVs. It was all about supporting my stems cells and giving them a good start.

Reaction to One of my IVs

I took a bit of a funny turn during the choline IV today (I have had choline before and was fine). I got really strong palpitations and then my vision blacked out for a few seconds. I honestly thought I was going to faint but thankfully I never. I had my blood pressure checked and it was pretty much near perfect.

I was told to make sure to eat something and the IV was slowed down (it might have been too fast for me).

Nutritional Consult

One of the medical assistants Agata had a chat with us about nutrition. It’s important that we support our bodies through the next few months of healing. Infusio actually promotes a vegan diet for recovery. This didn’t worry me as I am pretty much almost there (I’m vegetarian, dairy intolerant but I do eat eggs).

They aren’t overly strict on this, though. We were basically told the reasons why they think a vegan diet is helpful and were encouraged to try it. However, we were also told that if it didn’t feel right or if other ways of eating suited us better then that was okay.

The main reason they suggest avoiding meat is that when the body breaks down meat proteins, ammonia is released. The body then has to detox this. As we are sick and our body struggles to detox this can create a problem (I know my liver and other organs involved with detox weren’t working as optimally as they should).

Agata also chatted about histamines and how to handle histamine reactions should they occur. The main advice was to follow a low-histamine diet and then, a few weeks later, try to re-introduce problem foods one at a time.

Diagnostics scan

My day ended by having another diagnostics scan with the Global Diagnostics machine. This will be used as a comparison to the first scan that I had on day two. It will show how my body has handled and responded to treatment.

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Lyme Disease treatment in Germany: Read all of my Infusio posts here.

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  1. Excellent post, Donna! Thank you for sharing your svf Stem Cell Therapy journey with ya, and for being so thorough with experience. This will offer such helpful reference for others. Wishing you stronger and healthier days ahead. Healing hugs, from a fellow stemmie sister from the states. 🤗💚💚💚💞

    • Thank you so much, Terry 🙂 I really hope so. I know when I was first thinking about Infusio I found it helpful to read blog posts about people’s experiences. Right back at you xx

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