Photo shows the Turmeric Vitality products. From left-right: Berry flavoured liquid turmeric, organic turmeric capsules and pineapple flavoured liquid turmeric.
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Recently, I was given the opportunity to try organic turmeric capsules and bio-fermented liquid turmeric from a company called Turmeric Vitality. The opportunity came at a time when I was considering adding in supplements to help with my digestion and overall wellness.

This article is for informational purposes only and is not intended as medical advice. The products mentioned are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Please consult with your doctor before taking any supplement.

Why Take Turmeric as a Supplement?

Although it’s most commonly known for its use in cooking in India, many people take turmeric in supplement form for its purported health benefits.

Turmeric contains compounds known as curcuminoids, which are believed to have medicinal properties.  The most commonly known is curcumin. At therapeutic doses, turmeric is believed to:

Why I Personally Decided To Take Turmeric

It’s been a year since I received stem cell therapy for my chronic health issues. My health has, thankfully, improved significantly in the past 12 months. And, I am now at a stage where I am researching supplements I can take to help maintain my better health.

I knew I wanted to take a natural anti-inflammatory and I also wanted to be proactive and take supplements that would help to keep my immune system strong.

The main reason for this is because I suffered from Lyme Disease. Two of the ways in which Lyme Disease wreaks havoc in the body is by causing inflammation and suppressing the immune system.

Even though I don’t consider myself to have an active Lyme infection anymore, there’s no guarantee the bacteria has been completely eradicated from my body. I, therefore, feel it is sensible to take precautions to look after and protect my health.

In addition to these reasons, I also have some areas of my health that are still a work-in-progress. The main one being my digestive health as I have been suffering from nausea.

Turmeric, therefore, fit the bill perfectly. I hoped turmeric would help to support my immune system, keep inflammation in my body low and support my digestive health.

What To Consider When Choosing A Turmeric SUpplement

The problem with turmeric, however, is that it is well documented that curcuminoids are not well absorbed in the human body. So, it’s important to choose a high-quality turmeric supplement to ensure you will actually benefit from taking it.

Below are a few things I considered before deciding to take the Turmeric Vitality supplements:

1. I Wanted Organic turmeric Capsules

For me, I feel it’s important to choose organic where possible. This is to ensure the supplements are free from pesticides and chemical fertilizers that may be harmful to my health.

I was pleased to see that the organic turmeric capsules from Turmeric Vitality were certified as organic by the Soil Association. Additionally, their products are tested to ensure there is no contamination from heavy metals or other pollutants.

I wanted capsules as they are an easy and convenient way to take turmeric. It means I can carry my supplements with me if I go out for the day. Or take them with me if I travel.

2. I wanted a Product With Good Bioavailability

Turmeric may be difficult for the body to absorb, but there are effective ways to increase its absorption. The most common way is to combine turmeric with black pepper.

Peperine in black pepper is known to help increase absorption. I, therefore, wanted a turmeric supplement with black pepper included in the ingredients. The Turmeric Vitality supplements fit that requirement.

Top Tip:

To further increase the absorption of turmeric, take your turmeric supplement with a fat such as coconut, olive or flaxseed oil.

3. I Wanted To Avoid Unnecessary Additives, Fillers and Preservatives

As far as I’m concerned, the fewer ingredients on the list the better. And, I also want the listed ingredients to be recognisable.

Personally, I try to avoid products that use bulking agents and other unnecessary additives or preservatives.

The organic turmeric capsules from Turmeric Vitality contain turmeric, black pepper and ginger as ingredients. The capsule is of vegetable origin.

Photo shows a bottle of berry flavoured liquid turmeric with a 15ml dose measured out.

Trying Bio-Fermented Liquid Turmeric

In addition, to taking the organic turmeric capsules, I also opted to try Turmeric Vitality’s bio-fermented liquid turmeric.

This liquid turmeric uses bio-fermentation to predigest insoluble molecules into a liquid that is easier for your body to digest.

The ingredients list for the bio-fermented liquid turmeric is turmeric, black pepper, ginger, papaya leaf & fruit extract and glycerol.

Additionally, the pineapple flavour contains pineapple and passionfruit. Whereas the berry flavour contains forest berry, elderberry and maqui berry.

There is 900mg of liquid soluble turmeric per 15ml serving.

The part that really interested me, though, was that this product contains live cultures, which I felt would be of benefit to my digestion.


The product goes through a five-stage fermentation process, using 8 diverse strains of live bacteria (Lactobacillus acidophilus, L. casei, L. plantarum, Bifidobacterium, L. Bulgaricus, L. lactis, L. fermenti, S.boulardii and S. cerevisiae).

The end result– after 21 days– is a liquid that contains 6 billion bacteria.

From previous stool tests, I know I had practically no Lactobacillus species in my gut! I’m not sure how much this has improved since then, to be honest.

This product, therefore, seemed like a good one for me to try. Hopefully, it will help in boosting the presence of Lactobacillus in my gut while providing the benefits of turmeric at the same time.

Additionally, I know that S.boulardii is effective against candida. I have actually taken it in the past for this issue (as I had high numbers of candida in my system). So, given I still have an issue with my gut, I figured it would be a good one for me to take again.

What is Liquid Turmeric Like?

I take 15ml of the bio-fermented liquid turmeric in the morning just before breakfast. To be honest, I can be a bit funny with liquid products, given they usually aren’t pleasant!

I have taken numerous herbal tinctures over the years that have tasted horrid. Plus, a couple of liquid medications that have been far from pleasant (if anyone has had to dissolve colestyramine in a glass of water you will feel my pain here!).

Thankfully, I was pleasantly surprised by the Turmeric Vitality liquid turmeric. It comes in two flavours: berry and pineapple.

They both taste like concentrated squash, with a hint of spice from the pepper and ginger. I take my dose neat and find it easy to take as a shot.

However, you can also dilute it in water if you find that easier.

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My Experience of Taking Turmeric Supplements

I started by introducing the Turmeric Vitality organic turmeric capsules (2 capsules daily). At the time, I was going on holiday to Valencia in the immediate future and it didn’t make sense to start the liquid turmeric until I had returned from my trip.

It also meant I could start at a lower dose and build up by adding in the liquid turmeric later.

If you have read my 1-year post stem cell treatment update, you will know that I wasn’t feeling well in the weeks prior to my trip to Valencia. Thankfully, a few days before the trip I started to feel better.

I can’t claim it was the turmeric alone that did this, but I believe it may have contributed.

Thankfully, I had a great trip to Valencia and I continued to feel well when I returned home. This was despite my husband Ross catching a cold the day we returned.

Fighting off a Cold Virus

Usually, I am the one who gets sick. It’s not uncommon for me to catch a cold after flying. It happened to me in September following my trip to Disneyland Paris.

But, this time I did a good job of fighting it off for two whole weeks! I didn’t feel affected by Ross’ cold during that time and managed to go about my daily activities as usual.

My pain was very low or non-existent and my energy was good during this time. The biggest bonus for me was that I didn’t feel nauseous either (which had become an almost daily occurrence for me).

Again, it’s hard to put this entirely down to taking turmeric, but I have to think it has played a role.

In this past week, I have been feeling tired and run-down, though, so I do think the cold virus finally got me. However, it hasn’t been too bad at all and I can’t complain about it.

I Haven’t Been Symptom-Free

Although I have generally been feeling good during the past month I’ve been taking turmeric, that’s not to say I have been completely symptom-free. I have still encountered my usual monthly struggles with my menstrual cycle.

I won’t go into this again here, as I’ve chatted a bit about it already in my recent stem cell treatment update. And, I’ll probably chat about it in more detail in a future post too.

But, I wanted to mention it as I have read that turmeric can help to reduce PMS symptoms. However, this hasn’t been my experience, unfortunately.

I Plan To Continue Taking Turmeric

I think the differences I’ve been feeling since taking turmeric are subtle but positive. It’s certainly not a miracle supplement but I do think it has a lot of benefits to offer.

I plan to continue to take turmeric as part of a health maintenance plan going forward.

Where To Purchase Turmeric Vitality Products

If you are interested in trying turmeric for yourself, I would recommend the organic turmeric capsules and the bio-fermented liquid turmeric from Turmeric Vitality. They are affordable and high-quality.

I believe many people take the two products together as I have been doing.

However, if you were considering trying only one, I think the liquid product is best for digestive health, whilst also giving the benefits of turmeric. And, the capsules are best for convenience.

Both products can be purchased from Amazon UK or directly from

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Have you tried supplementing with turmeric? Would you try the organic turmeric capsules or bio-fermented turmeric from Turmeric Vitality? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments.


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  1. Thank you for a very informative post. I was diagnosed with M.E back around 1990 and have been using natural remedies to control it and Turmeric was one of the remedies, I have been using which sometimes works and sometimes not, but I have not been using the organic quality which look very interesting, so I will be purchasing some. I also use Liposomal vitamin C that is excellent in keeping most infections at bay. I have just began writing a blog myself on my condition on blogger. I am currently experimenting. with the Bach Flower Remedies, that I used many years ago with some of my clients with some success. If you are interested in taking a look at my blog, it’s at

    • Hey Derek! I’m glad you found this post informative. I am sorry to hear you are living with M.E. It can be so hard to know what’s helping and what isn’t sometimes, isn’t it? Sometimes I don’t really know until I stop taking something. I was taking liposomal vit C at one point and may look back into this again as there have been so many winter bugs doing the round. I hope the Bach Flower Remedies help you. I used to use them as a teenager for anxiety around exams etc but hadn’t thought to use them now so I’d be interested to hear how you find them. Enjoy blogging, it’s a great hobby to have and I find it very cathartic 🙂 I am sure you will have a lot of interesting things to share that will be helpful for others.

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