Photograph shows the Oska pulse pain relief device. It is a palm sized, oval shaped gadget that is blue and black and lights up when in use. Also featured is the Oska Pulse band (for wearing the device). The Oska Pulse logo is displayed behind on a blue box.
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I was fortunate to be given the opportunity to write an Oska Pulse review. I have been intrigued by the device ever since I first heard about it last year. It sounded too good to be true and I was curious to know if the Oska Pulse truly worked for Fibromyalgia pain.

The Oska Pulse is manufactured by Oska Wellness in the US and it is different from anything else I have ever reviewed. It is claimed that the Oska Pulse doesn’t just relieve pain, it works to heal the source of pain.

As I live with Fibromyalgia, I therefore jumped at the chance to try and review the Oska Pulse! Read on to find out more about the Oska Pulse, how it works and if it helped to relieve my Fibromyalgia pain.

Plus, I have a $55 discount code to offer you. If you are interested in purchasing the Oska Pulse, use the code FEBRUARYSTARS at checkout on the Oska Wellness website.

I have been given the Oska Pulse as part of a product review through the Chronic Illness Bloggers network. Although the product was a gift, all opinions in this review remain my own and I was in no way influenced by the company. 

What is the Oska Pulse?

The Oska Pulse is a small device that uses pulsed electromagnetic field therapy (PEMF). PEMF mimics the electrical pulses that our body produces naturally.

When cells in our body are damaged, they lose their electrical potential. This means that they are no longer able to exchange ions.

Although this sounds complicated, in simple terms, it means that inflammation and pain are produced when the cells in our body are damaged.

OSka Pulse- how does it WOrk?

The Oska Pulse works by emitting PEMF at specific frequencies. PEMF helps to heal and restore our cells so that they can receive the vital nutrients– such as oxygen– that they need. In turn, this reduces pain and inflammation and increases circulation.

PEMF, therefore, does not work as a temporary fix. It actually goes to the source of pain and works to actively heal it. The Oska Pulse works for both acute and chronic pain.

It sounds too good to be true, right? Part of me thought that too.

That’s why I was impressed to learn that there is an abundance of research that has been done on PEMF. The technology has actually been used by doctors and physios for a long time.

The Oska Pulse makes this therapy more accessible since it has been developed for home use.

There are studies that show PEMF to be helpful for various different conditions. These include (but aren’t limited to) CRPS, Fibromyalgia, Lyme Disease, MS and Rheumatoid Arthritis.

Unboxing the Oska Pulse

When I first received my Oska Pulse, I was really excited. I, therefore, jumped onto my Instagram stories to unbox it (find me here).

I have downloaded and saved the video to share with you here. If you are interested to see the device for yourself, check it out (the post continues below the video):


How To Use the Oska Pulse

At first glance, the Oska Pulse doesn’t look to do much. When switched on, it gently pulses a blue light. Other than that, you feel and hear absolutely nothing.

That’s kind of the beauty of it. It’s completely painless and simply does its job while you can forget about it and focus on other things.

When using it, the Oska Pulse doesn’t actually need to be in contact with your skin. It emits a field that is roughly the size of a beach ball, so you can even have it sat next to you and it will work.

This is fantastic for people who suffer from allodynia, which is common in Fibromyalgia sufferers. The Oska Pulse can, therefore, help to reduce your pain without causing any itself through contact.

The Oska Pulse does come with a band so that you can wear it (under or over clothing). However, I haven’t actually needed to use this. I simply have the device sat next to the source of my pain.

How often do you need to use The Oska Pulse?

The Oska Pulse switches on by pressing the button on the device. It runs for a cycle of 30 minutes then it switches itself off (and emits 3 gentle beeps when it does).

I was advised to use the device for at least 5 hours per day initially. This sounds like a lot but I’ve found it easy to do and I actually tend to use it a bit more than that.

It’s advised that you use the Oska Pulse regularly each day for the first 90 days. After this, it may only be necessary to use it a couple of times per week.

Personally, I will be guided by my body’s response. I will continue to use it regularly each day until I feel a consistent reduction in pain.

My advice to anyone new to the Oska Pulse is to use it at least 10 times per day to start with. As you experience a decrease in symptoms, experiment by reducing the duration you use the device each day.

Over time, you will find what works for you.

Top Tip:

If you are not finding any benefit from using the Oska Pulse be mindful of how often you are using the device. It needs to be used regularly and used intensively initially. Aim for at least 10-15 sessions per day.

Where to use The Oska Pulse?

For people with Fibromyalgia, you might be thinking, “I have pain all over so do I use it everywhere?“. Which is a very valid question.

The advice I was given was to pick the most problematic area to start with and stick with that. Use the Oska Pulse consistently on that area first.

Then, when you see the results you want, you can begin treating a new area. This takes some time and patience but leads to the best results.

What results can you expect From THe Oska Pulse?

The Oska Pulse is not a quick fix. As much as we would like to find one, a quick fix simply does not exist.

To get the benefits from the Oska Pulse, you need to commit to using it enough and be patient with it.

Long-standing chronic pain will take time to heal. And, it does so gradually; you might not realise the benefit of using the Oska Pulse until you reach a significant reduction in pain.

Some will see results within a day. For others, it could be weeks or even months.

It may seem a bit risky to purchase something that can take a long time to work, but the good news is the Oska Pulse has a 95% customer satisfaction rating.

For pain relief, that is really high and it trumps the most commonly prescribed pharmaceuticals for Fibromyalgia!

Oska Wellness have reached this figure from their money back guarantee. They offer a risk-free purchase and if you are unhappy, you can return the device and get a refund.

Only 5% have done this, which is impressive as far as I’m concerned.

How I’ve been using the Oska Pulse & my Oska Pulse Review

I’ve been using the Oska Pulse for only a few weeks now so this is my very early impression of the device. I chose to treat my lower back pain with it as a starting point.

Initially, I actually had to go slow with the number of sessions that I used the device for. In the first couple of days, I experienced a mild headache and felt a little ill when using the device.

This may sound odd, but one of the benefits that I mentioned above is that the Oska Pulse increases circulation. In doing so, it can actually help to clear toxins from your body.

Oska Wellness advise to drink more water than usual and this is the reason why. I think the symptoms I experienced were a result of this happening.

Thankfully, these symptoms subsided and within a few days and I was able to use the device regularly without any issues following this.

Has the Oska Pulse helped my back pain?

I noticed a positive difference in my back pain within the first week. The first thing I noticed was that I had a better range of movement.

I am standing up straighter, I’m able to bend over without issue and I am moving much more freely. My back pain has definitely reduced and, though a dull ache is still there, I no longer get a searing, sharp pain if I move too quickly.

Interestingly, during the initial week of using the Oska Pulse, I felt more pain elsewhere in my body. I think the reduction in pain in my back (which was my most problematic area) made me more aware of pain that I didn’t even realise I had.

Thankfully, this has settled down now though.

Additional benefits

One benefit of using the Oska Pulse for my back is that it has also helped to reduce the pelvic pain I was feeling.

It’s funny how we become so accustomed to pain that we don’t realise how much of a problem it is until we get relief. That’s exactly how I felt about my pelvic pain.

It’s been a low-grade, dull, aching pain that’s plagued me for some time now. I’m thankful that I am now getting relief from it through using the Oska Pulse.

Not only that, but the Oska Pulse has also made me aware of another problem I had.

I was finding that my back pain would reduce during the day as I used the device. But, each morning I would wake up and be in increased pain again.

Using the Oska Pulse made me aware of just how much of a contributing factor my mattress has been to my lower back pain.

I knew our mattress was getting on and was in need of replacing. However, I failed to appreciate just how much of a problem it was!

My husband and I made the decision to replace it and I’m so glad that we did. I am seeing even more benefit from using the Oska Pulse now.

Banner reads: "Oska Pulse. Save $55. For acute and persistent pain. Use code: FEBRUARYSTATS at checkout. 30 day money-back guarantee".

I am thankful for the Oska Pulse

I am really thankful for the Oska Pulse and, even though it is early days, I am finding positive benefits from using the device.

My lower back pain has been wearing and grinding me down for a long time now. And, it’s been particularly bad these past few months.

It was stopping me from being able to do certain things and it’s great that I feel less restricted now. The Oska Pulse is giving me longer lasting results compared to using temporary pain relief, such as a TENS machine.

I was also worried about my upcoming treatment in Germany. For the stem cell procedure that I will have, fat will be removed from the flanks at the side of my lower back.

The thought of having that procedure with the pain I was in was anxiety-inducing!

Thanks to using the Oska Pulse, I feel more relaxed about this now. Plus, I will have the added benefit of healing quicker after the procedure.

My friend Julie found that the Oska Pulse helped her to heal super quick following surgery for her endometriosis. You can read about Julie’s experience here.

Oska Pulse Price: How Much is it?

If you are interested, the Oska Pulse can be purchased directly from the Oska Wellness website. It is an expensive device, retailing at $399 (USD).

I appreciate that many of you will be put off by that price tag.

The Oska Pulse is definitely an investment in your health.  It may not be affordable to you right now but it could be worth saving up for long-term.

The positive is that it comes with a money back guarantee and a warranty. This gives some peace of mind when making a purchase as, if it doesn’t work out, you can return it for a full refund.

I think the thing to remember is that this device has the potential to increase the quality of your life and significantly reduce your pain. And, if it works for you, the results will be long-lasting.

If you want to read more reviews before making your mind up about purchasing, you can find reviews on the Oska Wellness Facebook page and testimonials on their website.

I fully intend to write additional blog posts further down the line about how I am finding the Oska Pulse. For now, I will say that it is definitely something I will continue to use and I’m excited to see how it helps me long-term.

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Head to the Oska Wellness website and enter the code FEBRUARYSTARS at checkout to save $55.


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  1. It’s good to know that you have to drink a lot more water with the Oska.

    Out of curiosity, I know you said it’s used for pain, but what about methylation? From the sound of it, and the way it interacts with the body, I wonder if it can be used to treat MTHFR.

    • That’s something I would suggest contacting Oska Wellness about as I don’t feel I have enough knowledge to give you an answer here. But, I can completely see why this could be a potential benefit given what the device does.

  2. I’ve been meaning to try this product for the longest time, but it seems a bit harder to get in my country, plus am not sure it it interferes with certain conditions I have. Will shoot them an email to find out. Thanks so much!

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